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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ad naseum

today i woke up before dawn drove to class (late again) sat through Biology, aced a quiz, got a call from my lawyer (I have to go to an arbitration hearing right after Christmas, what yuletime joy), totally fucked up my physics problem set, cursed Newtons fig-eating soul, went to physics lab, messed around with a frictionless plane (now I understand the physics behind air hockey...that probably won't help me at Dave and Busters), drove to Walmart, bought a new Simpson's DVD, spent entirely too much time deciding over ink cartridges and dog food (I do that all the time at Walmart, even though my brain is screaming JUST GET THE CHEAP STUFF AND LEAVE, YOU FOOL!), came home, vaccumed and sprayed the carpet for fleas after I found one on my leg (AGAIN), decided to spray my house again for bugs, stumbled upon an enormous spider right. next. to. my. pillow. My PILLOW. THE PLACE I PUT MY SOFT, UNPROTECTED HEAD FOR 6-8 HOURS. Screamed like a drag queen for a full minute and then spent the next five minutes trying NOT to think about whether or not the spider had been there while I was sleeping (I decided it hadn't), gave up on the bug massacre, started writing up formal lab report, found an ant crawling near the computer, then another and then another and then another, started to go mad, tried to kill ants, there were too many, contemplated the effects of Raid on a hard drive, abandoned the computer, went to the laptop, finished my formal report, made some delicious miso soup, added too much spinach, fished a half-pound of spinach out of the soup, washed some dishes, discovered mouse droppings on the oven and counter, realized that despite traps and an exterminator we still have mice, realized that I'm living in conditions similar to a crack house, made some tea, opened my blog and that brings us to now. Now I'm going to put in my Season 3 Simpsons DVD and laugh away my bug-infested, homework-saturated troubles away.

PS. Check out today's Questionable Content!!! For secret identity purposes, I can't tell you how this particular comic relates to me, but I'm sure a few of you can figure it out. (PPS. It has nothing to do with the hot lesbian love triangle, sorry).

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