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Wednesday, April 25, 2007



After a shaky start (waking up late for class with a bitchin' migraine), the day got much better...

It was a beautiful day with clouds and sun and the perfect amount of breeze! (i.e. not enough to blow my papers half-way across campus when I sit outside to do homework). Lately it has been raining here, so I was happy for the return of nice weather. I know, I know, I live in San Diego and you want to gut me right now. But did I mention that on Friday when it first started raining there were 109 car accidents reported in FIVE HOURS? The news even ran a segment on how people can't drive when it rains in CA. As a native Pittsburghian, I am just as filled with contempt for these fair weather drivers as you are.

After many days frought with tension and anticipation, my Kashmir CD finally arrived in the mail!! It's a CD from a Danish band I bought from a guy in Australia on eBay. I heart the inter webs. After I got into Mew (got into = typical frenzied obsession) I stumbled upon a whole gaggle of Danish and Swedish bands at Vibrashop.com. I ended up spending about 7,000 sheckles or whatnot on two t-shirts. Damn you Danes! (Is Danish the same as Dutch?)

My bio lab, while being very long and due tomorrow, is on beer brewing and fermentation!! I missed the brewery tour we took that preceded the lab, but that's ok. Considering I have participated in beer brewing on all it's levels (I'm talking ordering Mr. Beer from a SkyMall catalog all the way to mashing grain and making wort) I actually was able to do most of the lab using just my brain. Unfortunately, the large amounts of beer I have consumed also seems to have damaged my short-term memory, so I had to google a lot of words. Like, "yeast". Oh, the irony.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

this ish is bananas

I am quite the civic hero today. I helped an old lady locate her car. (No small task considering she said, "Silver" when I asked her what kind of car she had.) I signed a petition to shorten term-lengths of politicians. Or possibly lengthen them. I was too busy trying to remember if I voted last election. (I did. Go Nader!) I bought a CD from two guys that were wandering around campus asking people if they liked hip-hop. I actually only listened to about 20 seconds of it, but I liked what I heard, plus the guys produced the album themselves. And I love me some independantly recorded music. So I am karmically in the black today.

Wait. I stole a bunch of Equal packets from Starbucks. Like...a bunch. As in, way too many for me to even conceivably use in one cup of coffee. (Well, unless I wanted to spontaneously generate a throbbing tumor). I guess I'm just breaking even...

In case you are interested the CD I bought was from Kalifornia Bears. www.myspace.com/buckweed1111

Don't go yelling at me if you don't like it, but give new music a chance :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

procrasti-nation part duex

Hahahah. I don't think I have comments displaying on my log (which brings up the question, should I display comments?), so I wanted to make sure this gem gets seen by the 3 to 4 readers that stumble upon this site:

"I might have a margin of talent, but last time I checked, I don't have balls.

A silly human called Salvador Dali said that talent came from the balls. Actually, it comes from the butt cheeks. Give them a good squeeze and you'll be amazed at the work you produce."

--Gorilla Bananas

I loved this comment because

a.) It is about butt-cheek squeezing
b.) It used the word "butt" instead of "buns" or..."fanny". God, I almost gagged just typing that.
c.) It mentions Salvador Dali, who rocks
d.) His mustache was an entity unto itself
e.) It reminded me of the time I was in Paris and decided to eat an ENTIRE baguette in the 10 minutes it took to walk to the Salvador Dali museum. When I got inside there was an exhibit that featured a room with all kinds of weird objects and lights and Salvador's voice was saying something in Spanish over the speakers and as all the blood left my head and rushed to my stomach, I was pretty sure I began to hallucinate that the chairs and table were doing a little box step waltz.
f.) I did not make that story up!

Anyway, thank you Gorilla, for making my day. Also, check out gorilla's site, in the minute I took to scan it, I found pictures of The Beatles, Pamela Anderson, that I Dream of Jeannie lady as well as references to divorce, zoos and feminism and the female gorilla. Esentially its a buffet of information for any inter nets lover.


Here is the kind of lip ring I am considering getting. Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, don't freak out. Or actually, DO freak out so that you have it all out of your system by the time you come to visit and we can just enjoy ourselves.

I have been on a big tattoo and piercing kick lately. And by "kick" I mean, I have been obsessively researching and thinking about all the tattoos and possible piercings I want to get. Find it strange that a 24 year old out of college is just now starting to get more into tattoos and piercings (I already have 2 of each)? Well, consider the fact that I am no longer working for Innitech or Pennetrode AND I am basically a college student for the next oh, five years, so all those years I spent not getting something embedded in my flesh because I expected to be a cubicle monkey were for nothing!! Oh well. I'll put up some tattoo ideas soon. Because I require the opinions of strangers to make decisions for me.

Speaking of....who are yunz voting for in 2008?

P.S. BIG UPS to my good blog friend Big Daddy, for pointing out that you can embed pictures into your post very easily. I have been using Picasa this entire time, which sucks. And I feel like an idiot. But oh well.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Sigh. Right now I should be finishing up my short fiction story and then moving quickly and efficiently onto Biology labs and Chemistry reading. But I am not doing that. Somewhere between 19-22 I lost my ability to work for hours on end, drop everything, go to the bar, come back tipsy and then pick back up on my homework. Yes, I used to do that! Now a couple beers just makes me want to sleep and when I do wake up, I want to sit around in my sweats and putz around on the internet. Like I'm doing now :)

The problem is that majority of my life is centered around science and tests and work and domestic stuff .... but the majority of my interests and talents are in writing, music, art, movies, etc. So when I sit down to do what I am supposed to do, I end up day dreaming about the stuff I want to do.
I have this mile-long list of books I want to read and movies I want to see and albums I want to buy, not to mention a string of ideas about art projects and stories I want to create. But at the end of the day, my time is spent on picking up the chunks of foam my dog spit up after eating a novelty football.

I am fascinated by people that spend their lives doing things like writing, painting, making music. What makes them different than us working schmucks? Talent? Testicular fortitude? The ability to live off of ramen and self-pity? I might have a margin of talent, but last time I checked, I don't have balls. Dammit. I keep hoping that I will run into this "sign" that will basically say, "You are meant to be a writer! Stop fucking around and just do it already!" But every time I turn on the TV, it just tells me there will be traffic on the 5 and every time I look into my cereal bowl, it only says, "I'm just oatmeal, you idiot." No signs there.

And you, dear blog reader, are probably sick of me whining about this too. "Write something funny about how paranoid you are of people realizing how bad you smell when you are on a plane!" you're thinking. "Tell us about how your dog mistook your leg for a fence post and started to pee on it!" "The only reason I come to this website is to laugh at your misfortune and remind myself that my life is much better than yours!!"

And you're right, reader! I should just shut up and write about brushing my teeth and then immediately eating garlic bruschetta and gagging. Or how I got through an entire day at school before I realized their were potato chip crumbs in my hair....from when I ate potato chips in bed the night before. That's my true talent!!! Making people feel better about themselves!!!! But I'll still keep you posted on the writing. And the new website. Just in case I get a sign.

LAST POST FEB 16!?! Whatjaafjdaiodjj393890jfakl?!

Yikes. I'd say that I'm acting like an alcoholic lover with the promises of change and then the rank breath of promises broken...but I think I've already used that analogy before...after the like, 7th time I said I'd start posting more and then didn't. Hahahaha, doh.

Anyway, yeah. Here we are in April. Grad school has sucked most of my youthful zest, energy and time. On the upside, I can tell you anything you want to know about cellular respiration AND neural transmission (beta blockers, synapse receptors, etc). About 2 months ago at work they took away our internet access. GASP. CHOKE. I think that was probably 90% my fault, but still!! So that took away a big fat chunk of time I used to be able to spend perusing my favorite sites and pretending to update mine.

The bright light at the end of this dark tunnel is that school is over June 5th!!!!! And I have decided to not take classes this summer so I can devote myself to writing and my precious crappy website. I am planning to actually leave the confines of Blogger.com and strike out on my own, into a new website. This could all be very exciting. Or it could be a fantastic disaster but either way, stay tuned!!

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