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Friday, May 18, 2007

meh make up your own damn title

Do you hear that sound?

Listen closely; it sounds very much like a heavy-set bearded man is pacing back and forth in a pair of enormous hiking boots over a large pile of Grape Nuts cereal.

That's right...that sound is a CRUNCH.

It's CRUNCH TIME. Aahahahahaha!!

Wow, how could a joke with that kind of elaborate set up turn out so un-funny?

Aaaanyway, it's that fantastic time in the semester, where all my professor's look at their calendar's and say:

"Hmmm, looks like three weeks till the end of the semester. These kids are fried. And they still have to prepare for the CUMULATIVE FINAL that I am forcing them to take for 60 PERCENT of their grade. I get stressed just thinking about how stressed they must be.
You know what would make me feel better? Assigning an endless stream of trivial papers, take-home assignments, labs, lab quizzes, journals, portfolios and other crap. Oh, and I'll make it all due in the weeks following up to the final. That will take their mind off the ENORMOUS, GRADE-DETERMINING (THEREFORE CAREER DETERMINING) FINAL that is coming up."

What vegan douches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I've had over a dozen different things due in the past two weeks. Right now I am "working" on a take-home assignment involving Mendelian genetics (with a heavy emphasis on the sex-linked traits of fruit flies. Woo-pee.)

But its ok. Just a few more weeks. I think I'm perfecting the art of converting stomach acid into actual sustenance. It burns, but it's also filling.

Talk to you in a few weeks....

P.S. Everyone go to Jen's blog and read about what she is going to be doing in Africa!!! It is so cool!! Then pry open your tight, miserly fists and donate a few dollars to her cause. If you don't, we are so not friends anymore.

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