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Friday, May 11, 2007

a pick-me-up

Further proof that I am a sick, sick individual:

While perusing my Yahoo mail, I noticed a banner ad out of the corner of my eye and upon reading it, burst out laughing hysterically. What was the ad?

ROLL OVER to learn more?!?!!? Aahahahhahahhaha!!!! Get it? Cause, it's an ad about genital warts and then they say "roll over to learn more", as if saying, "Roll over, off that anonymous dude you're boinking and get yourself educated!"
Maybe they should say, "Get off your back and learn more about genital warts, you tramp!!!!"
Too much?

**Once AGAIN, Blogger had thwarted my attempts to post pictures that are resized. They always come out too small and too grainy. Anyway have any tips on how I can improve this?
In the meantime, if you can't read it, just click on the picture and it will enlarge. Enlarge, hahaha!
Sick, sick, sick.

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The picture is blurry because IE isn't very smart in the way it resizes images. (I assume it just eliminates or merges pixels.) Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this problem is to resize the image before you upload it. But I think you'd have to do this in with some decent editing software (Gimp?), because I don't think Paint will cut it.

My opinion? It generally isn't worth the effort. Just link to the real thing.
That's the ticket! Linking to another site so I don't have to do any work. Genius, Jen :)
If you right click and save an image to your desktop, it will save it the actual size.

When you upload it to Blogger, use 'Large' as image size.

It will post the pic, but if it is smaller than normal, that only means if you click on the image, it will open full size in a new window.

Check out this post as an example.
You're first problem is that you saved the picture as a bitmap, make sure that any picture file you are going to put online is either a jpg or gif. That'll get you started.

Also I'm dissappointed in seing that this is the only thing under the "genital warts" label
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