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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

unstable mabel

Yes, that's me.

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months/moon cycle's where you just feel a bit off your rocker?

I mean, more than usual?

I am on the tail-end of a massive sinus infection (i.e. the same sinus infection/t-cell genocide I experience EVERY TIME I am subjected to deadlines and stress) and I haven't been sleeping very well/much and I'm doped up on all kinds of white pills and I STILL have like, a bajillion assignments and other crap even though there are only 5 days of school left.

And anyway, I'm feeling unstable. Oh, did I mention I'm somewhere in the murky depths of a menstrual cycle? What? You didn't want to know that? TOO BAD DOUCHE MONKEYS! Here at YMB I hide NOTHING.

Evidence of my instability:
-Upon learning that I have to take anatomy *gasp* next semester and then shortly thereafter learning it is cadaver dissection, I feel it is imperative that I get comfortable with the idea of dead bodies, and start visiting terrible sites like cadaver.org and such to get acclaimated to the slab. What a terrible, terrible idea.

-Googling things like, "Cadaver" will take you to all kinds of morbid sites, like www.findadeath.com , which I spent many hours perusing, realizing that I have a definite fascination with death. Great, that's a cute little bullet point for the resume.

-In perusing findadeath, I came across a little entry for Jonathan Brandis, and I am plunged (once again) into an inexplicable sadness about the fact that my boy-crush from Seaquest DSV killed himself. I remember hearing about it a few years ago and just being so shocked. I don't really know why I was then....or why I am STILL sad about it ... several days after remembering it??? Latent realization of mortality, much?

-A bunch of old Coldplay songs keep popping up on my iTunes shuffle and they keep plunging me into one of those stupid saccharine nostalgic stupors....you know, when you think "Oh my GOD, I miss college so much..." because when "The Scientist" is playing, its hard to remember that college involved a lot of bad stuff too....
....like the time you played beer pong with Red Bull and Stoli's and ended up passing out mid-sentence at Mad Mex and having to be dragged to a taxi cab only to vomit in it 5 minutes later and thereby forcing one of your friends to clean it up while the other staggers down the street with you thrown over his shoulder, trying to figure out where the hell your apartment is and you wake up the next morning with vomit in your hair and missing your favorite pair of sandals....

Not that anything like that ever happened to me. It's just an example. But that gives me an idea...I think I'm going to mix myself a cocktail and think happy, stable thoughs.

Hope everyone is in good mental health!

Pills are good. Pills are good.


Hope you feel better.
Is "douche monkeys" a racial term?
White pills, eh? Try the white powder... it's stronger.

Love the pic you posted from the wedding. At some point within and hour of that pic being taken, I burst into tears coming off the karaoke stage crying "Why do you have to live in California?!" Really one of my finer moments, I think.
Oh right, anonymous is your sister Jenny. I just don't have my own f-ing website!
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