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Monday, May 07, 2007

what a difference a blog post can make

**I want to apologize to Helen in advance for stealing the link below as well as pretty much echoing her recent sentiment about not taking stuff for granted. I usually try to avoid grabbing briliant ideas from someone else's post and passing them off as my own, I swear! But I was just so moved by what she had to say, and I was so touched by Yen's site, I wanted to make sure that the three people that visit yellow mustard blog get to experience it, too. So please consider this merely a conduit to other, more eloquent people on the inter nets.
Thank you.


I had intended to post a quick little ditty about how baffled I am by the fact that Mesa College has bathroom stalls that are enclosed by shower curtains and all the social protocol, etiquette and psychological trauma therein. And I will post it, eventually!

But, before I sat down to write I did my usual perusing of some of my favorite blogs and came upon the latest post from Helen. First of all, her post alone is excellent and worthy of reading, as is. But she also put in a link to a blog about a guy named Yen and his relationship with his boyfriend Jesse, who was battling cancer. So I went to Yen's weblog and was just utterly captivated. I read pretty much all of it in one sitting, crying and smiling the whole time.

Anyway, I really think you should take a minute to just go and check out what Yen and Jesse had to say. Because at the core of it, it's not about being a gay couple, it's not even about dealing with cancer. It's about their strength and grace and just loving another person in general. I think everybody needs moments in life where you are re-calibrated; when you realize just how freakin' good you have it and how blessed you are to just be right where you are, right now, with the people that love you at your best and your worst.

Anyway, even if you don't go to the site, just humor me: take a second to get up and go find a person or animal or plant that you love. And hug the bejebus out of him/her/it. Say thanks. Breathe in some air. Unclench your fists. Whatever. You will be amazed, trust me.

Because I know, personally, that after a day of stressing out over school, bitching about exams, bemoaning my job, cursing my bad skin, shrieking at the incompetence of the President, the Mesa Science department, the guy driving in front of me and generally being a pissed off, whiney, self-involved brat, reading Yen's story and hugging my husband and dog made me feel like a new human. Even if it only lasts a little while, it was worth it.

But even grateful people can be appalled by shower curtains on bathroom stalls!!


Thanks for posting the link; it's really a powerful, touching story. If nothing else, it certainly puts things into perspective.
Thanks for reading, and for posting that. You summed it up very well. Yen and Jesse are extraordinary people, and their story is equally extraordinary.

I think the challenge is to maintain that awareness of things, and not let it last just a second or a day. I dunno...I'm sure I'll go back to bitching about dumb stuff soon, but I'm gonna try to keep perspective. Sigh.
Oy, Helen, I hear you on keeping the awareness. I already woke up this morning bitchin' about my 7:30AM biology class.

Poooor meeee. But I'll keep fighting the good fight and try to mix in some sunshine with my usual crap.

Oh, and thank you for posting that link in the first place!
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